Haircare during the rainy season

Your hair makes up for almost 60 per cent of your looks, so if you’ve got your hair right, chances are you’re heading down the right road, style wise.

Humidity and dampness can spell chaos for your hair.Out of control frizzy hair is the most common complaint this season and hair stylists feel it’s imperative to use a product to assist in easy styling and to tame hair.

Indian hair tends to be of two types — heavy and wavy with a tendency to get frizzy, and sleek,straight hair with a bit of limpness to it. Both these hair types require care and attention in this weather. Wavy hair gets frizzy and tends to look like an unmanageable nest while flat hair can look drab and oily.

According to hair specialists,”Most people think using a product will spoil their hair. It’s not true; a good product will in fact help style your hair better and also condition it.”

So after a shampoo, a dollop of hair serum or a frizz control product rubbed in is the easiest and quickest way to tame hair. Do not rub any product into the roots. It will only make your hair and scalp look oily, especially limp, straight hair.

Oily hair that’s wet also gets unmanageably smelly!Working women need to have manageable hair, so invest in a product that will see you through the day and night. Deep condition your hair once a fortnight and since blazing colours and highlights are passé, opt for the all over hair gloss, a natural glossy hair colour that adds sheen to your hair.

Don’t fall for that commercial that promises you sleek, thick and zero-frizz hair like the model’s. The commercial has been shot after blow-drying, straightening and ironing the model’s hair. Let’s not forget the 5 to 10 odd hair products that have been used to tame, set and make the hair camera-friendly, smooth and shiny.So don’t go out and randomly buy products. Identify your hair type first and consult an expert if you must.The following items are recommended:

A leave-on conditioner

When you don’t have the time to go through the entire shampoo-condition-style-and-dry routine, this will save your day. The spray form can even be used on dry hair to tame frizziness.

A good hair brush

If you use a hair dryer, a brush with natural bristles will prevent hair breakage and tangling. Use paddle type brushes or the larger roller ones for better styling.

Hair serum or liss control cream

Use it on damp hair for fly-away hair. If you must use on dry hair, just coat your palms and gently run them over the length of your hair. This product will help with tangles and leave your hair smooth.

An anti-build up shampoo

This product is not common but works like a hair exfoliator to help remove the build up of hair products, dirt and grime. Use it once a fortnight.
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