Taking care of the feet

It’s painful to even imagine how grandmother could walk barefoot all around the village even in hot summers. Well, since almost none of us have that kind of strong feet summers make sure to give foot trouble. Foot care is a must to maintain healthy and beautiful feet in these dry, humid and sweaty days.

Ventilation for feet is a major concern, specially when kept covered under shoes and socks for long. Apart from smelling that bacteria activated by sweat cause, there could be irritation, blisters and other fungal infections. A simple solution is to use two to three pairs of shoes and if wearing with socks, changing daily and wearing washed fresh ones everytime is advisable. Many tend to get rid of shoes in summer for the same reason which is good but can be risky of sunburns and blemishes if not well-moisturised or protected with sunscreens and SPF lotions. Sandals do give enough ventilation but exposure to sunrays definitely should be taken care of by keeping feet clean and applying foot powders or moisturisers.

Also, you may look for sweat absorbing socks that keep the feet dry and sweat free.Pedicure at parlours will feel great in summers mainly for those who complain of nail infections or corns, calluses, hammertoes etc. Using vaseline or heavy creams before wearing socks can be a good trick to prevent them. Regularly washing the feet and then drying them will also benefit. But nothing feels like a massage. It helps blood circulation and keeps the feet healthy, soft and supple. At home, one can scrub the feet with a pumice stone to get rid of corns and calluses. However, any serious foot trouble should be discussed with a podiatrist.
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