Hair care in summer

Hair care is important in summers and especially so when you have to brave the sun outdoors whether for recreation or work. Our hair needs special care when the sun is out and sizzling. This is the time when the hair turns brittle, dry and loses shine.

Hair cannot technically 'burn' in the sun because it is not 'alive' but the exposure to the sun can and will damage the natural protective film on the hair strands. This will make the hair dry, dull, fragile, brittle and almost 'dead'. Dyed and highlighted hair , exposed to the sun is especially prone to damage. The UV rays destroy the cells and film covering the hair strands and the hair becomes fragile and dried out.

The hair that will be exposed to sun has to be protected. Products that contain Shea butter and sunscreens and which moisturize the hair are recommended.

Phytoplage oils contain Acron extract oil which shields the hair from the harmful UV rays. Look for hair care products that contain this product. They will benefit the hair especially when it is exposed to the sun.

In the newer hair care products, sunflower oil is used as a sun filter. These products also contain jojoba wax which give a protective coating to the hair and take care of it.

Instead of going in for synthetic hair dyes, to give color to your hair, you may like to try these herbal natural products. These herbal products protect the hair strands against sun damage and also add color and shine.

Go herbal

To get dark brown colored hair, soak a mixture of Henna powder and Indian Gooseberry powder ( Amla / Phyllanthus Emblica ) overnight in a metal container. The thick mixture may be applied to the hair strands with a brush. Cover with a plastic cap and leave on for at least 2 hours. Wash with soft water to find dark brown, soft and silky hair. This natural color will stay on for at least a month and will protect the hair. This is a good conditioner and natural moisturizer for the hair and will thus protect against sun damage also. The ratio of the Indian Gooseberry powder and henna will determine the degree of the color. More the berry powder, darker the hair.

To get dark copper color, add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to the henna mixture before applying it on the hair. Avoid the Indian Gooseberry powder. The dark copper color will add luster and shine and moisturize and protect the hair the natural way.

To get reddish hair , simply add nothing to the henna-water mixture prepared overnight. Apply the thick paste directly to the hair strands with a brush, wait for two - three hours, wash the hair and find a beautiful reddish color on the hair.

A natural hair tonic providing much needed moisturizing and nutrients to the hair follicles is relatively easy to prepare at home. Simply mix almond oil, olive oil and castor oil in equal proportions and apply to the hair once a week. Massage and wash off with a mild herbal shampoo to find new life in the hair. This will also protect the hair against sun damage in summers and damage due to extreme cold in winters. This is an all the year tonic for the hair. If you find it cumbersome to prepare these mixtures at home, you may take the help of a hair care specialist, specifying what you want. Many products available in the market also contain these natural ingredients and provide much needed protection. Go ahead and choose with care. After all your hair is worth the effort.
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