Health is beauty!

They say, if you are healthy and happy, you stay half beautiful.Only the remaining half needs to be enhanced through makeover.Especially for those who do a lot of travelling and getting exposed to the sun, it’s essential to keep the skin fresh and healthy in order to prevent it from being tanned.

It is during the summer season, mostly that people suffer from health problems. Excessive sweating, fatigue tiredness, drowsiness and headaches are now commonly seen during the summer months. These problems can be prevented if one can modify the diet regimens and lifestyle according to the changes in the climate. Constipation is a common problem that most people suffer from during the summer season. Urinary infection, jaundice, typhoid etc are also on the rise. The cause of constipation is the decrease in the moisture content in the body. Jaundice, typhoid etc spread fast during this season.

One must drink plenty of water during the summer months. Fluids like boiled and cooled water, lime juice and buttermilk are ideal. Water is essential for the purification of blood. Fibrous fruits and vegetables rich in fibre must be included in the diet. Mangoes and water melons are available in plenty during this season. Although soft drinks are good, their sugar content must be reduced. Food that are quickly digested are best for the summer. Food low in fat and oil must be consumed. Fruits like guavas, papaya, apples and vegetables like green leafy vegetables, beans, French beans and cucumber must be included in the diet.

Develop resistance

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is because it is eaten after the stomach has remained empty throughout the night. Busy executives tend to skip breakfast because of their busy schedule. This can lead to stomach disorders. Dinner should always be light, and must be taken half an hour before bedtime. It is good to take a short walk after dinner.

Those who travel often must always carry boiled drinking water with them, this not only saves money but also keeps illnesses at bay. Do not mix hot and cold water to drink. Also avoid water that has just been heated a little. Use only boiled and cooled water for drinking purpose. Lime juice, which is rich in Vitamin C is a good preventive measure for many illnesses. Dieticians advise people to avoid non vegetarian food during the summer. Small fish like sardines etc. which are rich in omega 3 fatty acids help in lowering cholesterol levels.
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