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The ring until sometime back, was an effective means to signal that the man has doubled up or is in the process of doing so! Not the same anymore, today, accessorisation has come a long way. Men's clothing has acquired "mass produced" uniformity. The way we facelift our uniform with the right kind of accessories is what marks our personal style. The style gallery hints at fashion accessories that possess loads of style without being tacky.

Keep necklace styles bold yet simple. The style charts indicate neckpieces in colored or shades of natural wood. Team this design concept with T-shirts or long sleeved kurta shirts.For a more powerful image, lay your hands on silver or platinum chains. Also, the chain should be of medium width. The thin ones could pose a threat of rendering an effeminate look and thick versions could transform you into an absolute racketeer! Avoid fakes because they are rather obvious and jewellery with a lot of lustre is out of the style gallery. Keep the chain tucked in. Leaving it hanging over your shirt is just being loud enough.

Glare glasses, the staple accessory for men gets a sleek futuristic look. Let your eyes be shielded from fanciful hues like black-rose, red-orange, red-purple or yellow green. Semi rimless styles are in vogue as much are the completely rimless frames that appear to float on the face. The time machine - a watch is undoubtedly man's most utilization fashion accessory. The dial gets macro as watch design continues to speak the geometric language. Does a brand matter? Of course it does-Vintage, Rolex, Tag, Cartier, Pulsar, Hamilton, or a Swatch…there is a wide range to choose from.

A tricky accessory - the bracelet can lead you to a class image as much as it can make you look over dressed. The trick to choosing a bracelet is to go for simple and classic styles. Bracelets in white gold, silver or platinum are the most stylish. Woven bracelets are for a beach vacation or for a Sunday Harley drive. Rings in yellow gold, white gold or platinum in the form of simple bands are sailing strong.Breaking away from the age old tradition of wearing it on the ring finger, you can wear a ring on your little finger or your thumb.

"Our ability to accessorize is what separates us from animals," says Olympia Dukakis. Sensitize your superlative stand in the ecological chain and rejoice with the medley of accessories that enhance not only your figure but your outlook as well.
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